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Klausens schrieb am 5.4.2008 eine seiner öd-soßigen Künstler-Mails, die niemanden zu begeistern wussten, als die Freiheit daselbst, welche sich auch als FREEDOM zu tarnen weiß. Diese Mail wurde an circa 1400 Personen über einen Zeitraum von 7 Stunden und 30 Minuten (mit lediglich recht kurzer Mini-Pause) versandt. Die Resultate werden sich aberwann zeitigen. Aber wann?

FREE TIBET - "the simple art of protest" - KLAUSENSISCHE KUNSTAKTION, april 5th, 2008 - Please, forward! - Klausens says: "Spread the idea!" -


Homepage-Site begonnen am 5.4.2008, Samstag; Königswinter-Oberdollendorf

siehe auch: http://klausens.blog.de/2008/03/28/klau-s-ens-erlebt-marienwunder-in-rom-ww-3959198


             " NEO-MODERNER AKTIONISMUS c/t "

u.a. entwickelte er Vorschläge, wie sich Sportler und Sportlerinnen in China 2008 würden protestierend verhalten können, ohne vom IOC mit Blick auf die Olympische Charta ausgeschlossen zu werden. Er nannte diese Dinge "FREE-TIBET-Accessoires".

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Klausens schrieb am 5.4.2008 ins Gästebuch der Staatsgalerie Stuttgart ein Gedicht, mit dem er diese Aktionskunst auch formell "gründete".


Klausens | 5.4.2008

HERKOMMST (Den Künstlern des "Neo-Modernen Aktionismus") ---- Die Kunst kommt aus --- Den L Ö C H E R N wie --- Der Käse aus dem Speck -------------------- Gut - ich will euch nicht löchern --- Sag' jedoch wo ich herkomme nie --- So ein Gedicht muss doch bald weg! --------------------------------------------- Klausens = Klau/s/ens grüßt die Staatsgalerie mit diesem ihr heute und LIVE und exklusiv zugeeigneten Gedicht recht herzlich, Samstag, 5.4.2008, Königswinter



In order to cope with the original sources, the artist KLAUSENS = KLAU-S-ENS 

republishes the widely discussed RULE 51from the olympic charter. (Um sich mit den Originalquellen auseinanderzusetzen, re-publiziert Klausens = Klau-s-ens die breite diskutierte Regel 51 der Olympischen Charta)

This is taken from the original source: IOC (Dieses längere Zitat stammt von der Originalquelle, vom IOC)

OLYMPIC CHARTER = Olympische Charta

version (in force) 7th july 2007 = version (in kraft) vom 7. Juli 2007

here/hier: beginning with page 98 (up to 101) / Beginnend mit Seite 98 (bis 101)

taken from “Chapter 5 The Olympic Games”, (Begin of Chapter 5 is already on page 71 / Das Kapitel 5 beginnt schon auf Seite 71)

(incl. the important Bye-Laws !!! - Die wichtigen Bye-Laws werden hier auch zitiert!)

                                                    page 98 ff / Seite 98 ff. :

“51 Advertising, Demonstrations, Propaganda*

1. The IOC Executive Board determines the principles and conditions under which any form
of advertising or other publicity may be authorised.

2. No form of advertising or other publicity shall be allowed in and above the stadia,
venues and other competition areas which are considered as part of the Olympic sites.
Commercial installations and advertising signs shall not be allowed in the stadia, venues
or other sports grounds.

3. No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any
Olympic sites, venues or other areas.

Bye-law to Rule 51

1. No form of publicity or propaganda, commercial or otherwise, may appear on persons,
on sportswear, accessories or, more generally, on any article of clothing or equipment
whatsoever worn or used by the athletes or other participants in the Olympic Games,
except for the identification – as defined in paragraph 8 below – of the manufacturer of
the article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification shall not be marked
conspicuously for advertising purposes.

    1.1 The identification of the manufacturer shall not appear more than once per item of
    clothing and equipment.

    1.2 Equipment: any manufacturer’s identification that is greater than 10% of the
    surface area of the equipment that is exposed during competition shall be deemed
    to be marked conspicuously. However, there shall be no manufacturer’s identification
    greater than 60 cm2.

    1.3 Headgear (e.g. hats, helmets, sunglasses, goggles) and gloves: any manufacturer’s
    identification over 6 cm2 shall be deemed to be marked conspicuously.

    1.4 Clothing (e.g. T-shirts, shorts, sweat tops and sweat pants): any manufacturer’s identification
    which is greater than 20 cm2 shall be deemed to be marked conspicuously.

    1.5 Shoes: it is acceptable that there appear the normal distinctive design pattern of
    the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s name and/or logo may also appear, up to a
    maximum of 6 cm2, either as part of the normal distinctive design pattern or
    independent of the normal distinctive design pattern.

    1.6 In case of special rules adopted by an International Sports Federation, exceptions
    to the rules mentioned above may be approved by the IOC Executive Board.

Any violation of the provisions of the present clause may result in disqualification or
withdrawal of the accreditation of the person concerned. The decisions of the IOC
Executive Board regarding this matter shall be final.

The numbers worn by competitors may not display publicity of any kind and must bear
the Olympic emblem of the OCOG.

2. To be valid, all contracts of the OCOG containing any element whatsoever of advertising,
including the right or licence to use the emblem or the mascot of the Olympic Games,
must be in conformity with the Olympic Charter and must comply with the instructions
given by the IOC Executive Board. The same shall apply to contracts relating to the
timing equipment, the scoreboards, and to the injection of any identification signal in
television programmes. Breaches of these regulations come under the authority of the
IOC Executive Board.

3. Any mascot created for the Olympic Games shall be considered to be an Olympic
emblem, the design of which must be submitted by the OCOG to the IOC Executive Board
for its approval. Such mascot may not be used for commercial purposes in the country
of an NOC without the latter’s prior written approval.

4. The OCOG shall ensure the protection of the property of the emblem and the mascot of
the Olympic Games for the benefit of the IOC, both nationally and internationally.
However, the OCOG alone and, after the OCOG has been wound up, the NOC of the host
country, may exploit such emblem and mascot, as well as other marks, designs, badges,
posters, objects and documents connected with the Olympic Games during their preparation,
during their holding and during a period terminating not later than the end of the
calendar year during which such Olympic Games are held. Upon the expiry of this period,
all rights in or relating to such emblem, mascot and other marks, designs, badges,
posters, objects and documents shall thereafter belong entirely to the IOC. The OCOG
and/or the NOC, as the case may be and to the extent necessary, shall act as trustees
(in a fiduciary capacity) for the sole benefit of the IOC in this respect.

5. The provisions of this bye-law also apply, mutatis mutandis, to all contracts signed by the
organising committee of a Session or an Olympic Congress.

6. The uniforms of the competitors and of all persons holding an official position may include
the flag or Olympic emblem of their NOC or, with the consent of the OCOG, the OCOG
Olympic emblem. The IF officials may wear the uniform and the emblem of their federations.

7. The identification on all technical gear, installations and other apparatus, which are neither
worn nor used by athletes or other participants at the Olympic Games, including timing
equipment and scoreboards, may on no account be larger than 1/10th of the height of
the equipment, installation or apparatus in question, and shall not be greater than
10 centimetres high.

8. The word “identification” means the normal display of the name, designation, trademark,
logo or any other distinctive sign of the manufacturer of the item, appearing not more
than once per item.

9. The OCOG, all participants and all other persons accredited at the Olympic Games and
all other persons or parties concerned shall comply with the manuals, guides, or guidelines,
and all other instructions of the IOC Executive Board, in respect of all matters subject to
Rule 51 and this Bye-law.”

END OF QUOTE page 101 / Ende des Zitats Seite 101

taken from here / von hier genommen:




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